Reena Shama Kalia

Reena Sharma Kalia

Self-employed Business Woman, Founder,& Trustee of Life in London Trust and Life in India Trust.

Fun Fact

I did a skydive over The Palm in Dubai 13,000ft to raise money for mental health.

Rupa Kalia Sharma

HR Director (Financial Services).

Fun Fact

I am a Guinness World record breaker (the most runners linked together to complete a marathon). I Completed this just days before tying the knot!!!!

Theo Harry Theodorou

Legal specialist and volunteer manager at Omonia youth football club.


Fun Fact

At 6ft 2.5 I’m a foot taller than my wife.

Team Leaders

Divyesh N Makwana

Divyesh N Makwana.

Cloud infrastructure analyst

Kiri Theodorou

Stylist and mum of 3 boys. 


Director of Insight Security.

Christalla Antonio

Sales Assistant and a mum of two boys. 

Don Brasco

Radio Presenter and DJ Producer

Fun Fact

I’m a workaholic

Fun Fact

I’m incredibly bendy and can do the splits.

Fun Fact

Through my work, I was a bodyguard for Prince Willian and Kate Middleton.

Fun Fact

I Love reading thriller books and when on holiday I spend the majority of my time hidden behind a book.

Fun Fact

I only have 9 toes.