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At Life In London Trust we rely on your support and donations to help us achieve our goals.  Due to the ongoing Pandemic we have been limited to the number of on street donations we have been able to do, however with lockdown easing we aim to make our first one of 2021 a big one and help those who have endured so much over the past year.

Below is a list of Perishables and Non Perishable items that we are in need off.  If you could help no matter how big or small please get in touch with us through the contact page.

Non Perishable Items

Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste, Thermals, Multi Vitamins, Deodorants, Shaving Kits, Vaseline Tubs, Lip Balms, Thermal Socks, Hat's, Gloves, Scarfs, Underwear, Plasters, Antiseptic Wipes, Face Masks, Surgical Gloves, Shampoo's, Shower Gels, Hand Creams, Emergency Blankets, Face Towels, Emergency Tents, Hand Warmers, Toe Warmers, Disposable Cups, Plates, Napkins and Cutlery, Pocket Tissues.

Food Items

Cakes, Crisps, Chocolates, Biscuits, Cereal Bars, Water Bottles, Nutritional drinks, Lucozade, Banana's, Oranges, Pot Noodles, Tea, Coffee, Sugar

Wish List

At Life in London Trust we understand how difficult it can be to physically buy and delivery essential items to help support us in our projects.

We have therefore created a wish list (click on the link below) with Amazon of the essential items required for our upcoming Homeless Project on the 3rd July 2021 with the best prices and which will be delivered directly to Life In London Trusts Base.

Where do my donation go?


Children's Hospices

We provide support to the hospices by donating gifts to the children at Christmas time and Easter. We also try to help them throughout the year with various events they may be holding in order for them to help support the children they are caring for.


Children and young people who reside in homes

We provide our support by donating them gifts at Christmas and Easter, we try to help support the children and you people because they are of an age group that often gets forgotten about (age 11 to 23). This is an age group that needs the right support at this most crucial age. They need to be shown that there are people out there who do care and will support them, We help to donate items that are necessary for their education as well as items that are needed for their everyday wellbeing and health.



Every first Saturday of each month we set up a base in Trafalgar Square to serve the homeless, we provide hot food as well as other food items, drink, water, and necessary items to help them survive on the streets of London. We try to offer them advice and other support from our qualified team which they may need.


Mental Health

We support other charities and orgaisations with fund-raising events to help raise donations and awareness for those individuals who suffer from mental health and just need to be reassured that there are people who care and will support them by getting them the help they need.



We provide everyday help and support by providing necessary items, food and emotional support.

domestic vio

Domestic Violence for men and women who have experienced domestic violence

We provide survival packs and support to the hostels they are staying in.  Some men and women leave with only the clothes they are wearing and sometimes their children are with them.

You can donate via this page by pressing the donate button

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You can send us a cheque payable to: Life in London Trust to [email protected] for secure address

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You can also fundraise for us and set up your Virgin Giving Money Page.

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At Life in London Trust we encourage everyone to become a volunteer.  The value that is taken back after each project is different each time and personal achievement and fulfilment satisfied.  Not only do we appreciate the ongoing help, we all start to create a network both professionally and personally.

You must be 18+ to complete the below registration form & if you will be attending with anyone under 18 they can be included on the same registration form.  Please note all details are kept confidential and in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.